Our Story

Zdenka holding spinach leaves

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here!

By telling my story below, I am hoping you too can begin your journey to create an organic and abundant life of food and nourishment. 

When our daughter Lexia was five (5), she was diagnosed with Rolandic epilepsy with nocturnal seizures. As any mother could imagine, my feelings of fear and helplessness were overwhelming. I knew these seizures would not only change my daughter’s life, but our entire way of living. 

How It All Began

As a mother with no prior experience or knowledge of what causes seizures and what we can do to prevent them, I relied heavily on the information provided by the specialist. Without any medical background, I understood one thing...

... If a brain activity is too high and hits its threshold, the brain goes into overload, known as seizures. 

When our paediatrician prescribed medication that only increases the threshold and doesn’t calm or mellow brain activity, I started questioning everything about this medication.

If little Lexia started taking these medications, she would (along with many other side effects) be drowsy all the time. She would lose liver enzymes and potentially get a life-threatening skin rush. 

This is where my journey began….

I started reading, learning, researching and exploring the alternatives to healing with the power of nature.

Through my findings, I began to teach myself how to invoke the CALM (calming her brain activity)and started to eliminate anything that would spike a reaction in her body.

I concentrated on her sugar intake, dehydration, fatigue, chemicals around our home and in our foods, MSG, radiation and the impact of electrical elements around her bed.

All these factors required some change in order to obtain a calm sleep for Lexia and in turn, a reduction in her seizures.

I refused to rely on pharmaceuticals that masked her symptoms as opposed to treating, curing, or preventing such diseases.

This is how Planting Organics was born. 

Lexia holding butterhead salad in front of hydroponic

Planting Organics was birthed from my deep love and desire to find alternate options to health and healing beyond orthodox prescriptions. Lexia’s epilepsy motivated me to start growing our food here in our own backyard.

We proudly created a beautiful garden with organic, healing foods and started transitioning to chemical free cooking and baking.

My determination to find a natural approach for Lexia brought me full circle returning to growing my own organic food, free of pesticides, insecticides and chemicals.

What could have been a lifetime of pharmaceutical medications, side effects and unnecessary bombardment of chemicals on her little growing body was replaced with a “food as medicine” approach to nourish her from the inside.

Our Mission

Planting Organics is dedicated to empowering families to live clean and chemical-free lifestyles in order to minimize and prevent illnesses.

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of products, education, and resources to enable them to make informed decisions about the food and products they consume.

We are committed to promoting healthy habits and inspiring a healthier future for our customers and their families.

Planting Organics was created from our deep love and desire to find alternate options to health and healing beyond orthodox prescriptions. My aim is to not only teach my daughter how to maintain our way of chemical free life in years to come, but to also pass this on to others who might benefit.