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Beefsteak Tomato Heirloom Seeds - Organic Heritage Seeds
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Hibiscus Flower Tea
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At Planting Organics, our mission is to empower individuals to embrace purity and wellness through our commitment to providing pure and organic solutions.
From our heritage heirloom organic seeds, cultivating nutrient-rich produce, to our curated selection of organic teas and herbal remedies, we strive to support holistic well-being and a balanced lifestyle.

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Heritage Heirloom Seeds

Start your organic garden with heritage seeds bursting with flavour. We believe in purity. All seeds are Organic, Open Pollinated, Non GMO, No F1. Grow, harvest seeds and grow again.

Dry Botanicals

Explore the power of natural herbs and botanicals best for home making remedies. All botanicals are of the highest quality, organic and pure herbs, to maximize their benefit and satisfaction.

Signature Tea Blends

Our signature tea blends, personally handcrafted by me, are meticulously blended with purpose and flavor in mind, using only the finest organic herbs to ensure a delightful and beneficial experience with every sip

Organic Herbal Teas

Savor the purity of nature with our collection of pure and organic teas, meticulously sourced and crafted to deliver an unparalleled taste of freshness and wellness in every cup

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Planting Organics Founder

Planting Organics was created from my deep love and desire to find alternate options to health and healing beyond orthodox prescriptions.

My mission is to not only teach my daughter how to maintain our way of chemical free life in years to come, but to also pass this on to others who might benefit.

It May Be You

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Your garden is the start of a fulfilling journey to your health and your soul

- Zdenka Sciacca -

Founder of Planting Organics

How are Heirloom Seeds different

Heirloom are traditional varieties that are handed down for generations. This means that your produce will generate seeds you can keep and grow produce again and again.

Large retailers stock F1 (first generation seeds) also known as hybrid seeds. Hybrid seeds are unable to produce another hybrid seeds, hence you will need to buy new ones every year.

Over 60 organic Heirloom varieties


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Let customers speak for us

Strong little seedlings

Emerged quickly and look strong, all have germinated, about 2inches tall now and nearly ready to transplant!

Tomato Grosse Lisse

Penelope S

Important to start off with good quality seeds so you reap good quality food. No gmo,no chemicals. Just as nature intended,packed & sent with care. The planting advice on the packets are also appreciated. Great price too

Red Onion Burgundy Organic Seeds

Samantha B.

So glad I found this store

Good quality seeds & advice on how to keep them,where & when to plant them. Good amount in the packaging too.

Basil Sweet Italian Organic Seeds

Samantha B.

Can’t wait to plant these seeds!! Very prompt delivery! Thank you

Carrot Nantes Heirloom Seeds

Rachel T

Total success

Via the chat option, I asked Planting Organics how the Growing Medium blocks compared to Rockwool. The answer was so helpful that I straight away purchased these. I have had total success growing my seeds now with every seed springing forth. Great value too! Thanks again 😃

Hydroponic Growing Medium

Courtney C.

Hydroponic Kit

Great service great back up service and advise very very happy

Hydroponic Starter kit

Frank H.

The seeds look really good.

The seeds look really good. However, it is a little early yet to see the results in the growing medium. They arrived promptly with a pleasant letter. Many thanks. Will be returning for more in the future.

Silverbeet Fordhook Organic Seeds

Patricia N.

Love it

Great taste, arrived quickly, love the packaging, definitly will purchase again

Drin k'n Shrink Slimming Tea

Tatjana B.

Lick my lemons, Equilibrium, Blah blah anytime

I love all the teas from Planting Organics. Blah Blah Anytime is my Fav!! So soothing xx

Blah Blah Anytime Organic Tea


Great seeds

I am happy with the seeds and the service you give.

Lettuce Butterhead Organic Seeds

Lorraine G.

Small change makes a huge difference in your life

Planting Organics is dedicated to empowering families to live clean and chemical-free lifestyles in order to minimize and prevent illnesses.

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of products, education, and resources to enable them to make informed decisions about the food and products they consume.

We are committed to promoting healthy habits and inspiring a healthier future for our customers and their families.

Planting Organics was created from our deep love and desire to find alternate options to health and healing beyond orthodox prescriptions.

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