Hydroponic Grow Cubes

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by Oasis

 Use Hydroponic Grow Cubes to grow seedlings for your hydroponic system.

Here are some benefits of using Hydroponic Growing Medium/Grow Cubes

- act as a growing medium instead of soil

- pathogen-free, its a very sterile product, no gloves are required, reduces diseases and insect problem

- pre-drilled hole, perfect for little kids to plant and see seeds when sprouting

- easy to handle

- promotes vigorous root development

- perfect for hydroponic (water growing)

- can be used for inground gardening

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Place grow cubes in a plastic or glass container. Soak them in water and then drain all water out. Your cubes should be only moist, not wet.

Place 2-3 seeds in each cube

Mix our concentrated nutrient with water and have it ready in a spray bottle. Spray cubes daily. Place cubes in a nice sunny location indoors. Make sure you keep cubes moist at all times to encourage healthy root growth. 

Once you see roots out of the cube, the seedling is ready to be placed in your hydroponic. 

They are packed in a cardboard box, 4 sheets, 216 cubes in total. 

Store in a dry place