Rhizo Pot - Fabric Pot

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Type: Fabric Pots

Watch your plants thrive with our bestselling RhizoPots.

They dramatically boost root mass and eliminate root circling.

Your plants will develop a bigger, healthier, more efficient root network.

They’re reusable, they reduce growing time and prevent your plant from being pot-bound.

Other pots just can’t compete - RhizoPots really are the best you can buy.

• Unique air pruning technology - pot fabric is ‘breathable’
• Greater root growth - stimulates growth of secondary roots
• Drastically increases nutrient & water uptake
• Eliminates root circling
• Speeds up growing time
• Superior drainage & aeration
• Pots can be reused 4 – 5 times
• 1 Litre – 78 Litre capacity
• Fold flat (easy to store!) with useful carry handles
• Reusable, biodegradable & made from recycled materials
• Suitable for all media types

These pots are also great for your storage solution in your home.

Purchase one size of pots individually or in a bundle of 5.

Pots with handles are: 30L and 12L

Pots without handles are: 3.8L, 8L and also 12L